"Sign Your Art" 2017 

Very honored to have my work included in the 2017 "Sign Your Art" project.

Television feature on WOSU PBS 

TRANSIT ARTS & Jackie Calderone and featured on WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods series (about 16 minutes in).

Dancing until I die at 105 

I've been told I started dancing as soon as I began to walk. In recent years I’ve had strong feelings telling me I will drop dead at the age of 105 while I'm dancing (apologies to anyone who has to witness this). I love this notion and hope it’s true but the major glitch is that I haven't danced for quite some time. I'm not sure when or why I stopped but I slowly tapered off after my last performance in John Giffin's ensemble in 1990. For years I would also go out dancing in clubs until all hours...never…

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Life and Write 

I want to pay tribute to Life and Write, the creative space of my friend Dionne Custer Edwards. She is an artist of many talents (writing, spoken word performance, singing, playing piano, painting, acting, and much more) and a phenomenal mother--nurturing her own imagination, treasuring and guiding her beautiful children, and inspiring a host of other artists. 

I snapped this photo of lovely Dionne in 2008 when she was performing and teaching with our TRANSIT ARTS program.


Mothering the artist 

I've just returned from an inspiring two days at the Women on Fire conference in Chicago. I arrived on Thursday and took a walk to help shift my thinking from my pile of responsibilities to a focus on that baby artist who keeps poking at my heart. I didn't plan a destination but found myself at the Museum of Contemporary Art ...and...here's a video of the work that glued me to the sidewalk.

The next day, during the conference, I made a promise to an incredible group of women to nurture my imagination and…

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